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30 seconds on the net can make or break you

We’ve all heard the saying “First impressions are lasting ones.” They often take just a couple of seconds to make. When it comes to first impressions online it’s important to make sure that every aspect of your presence ‘Wows’ your target audience. Every second they spend surfing through the net and looking you up should play to your advantage.

As the title of this blog clearly states, it only takes about 30 seconds on the internet to make or break your brand. So which end of a First Impression do you want to be on? The one that sticks or the one that’s forgotten.

Are Online ‘First Impressions’ really that important?

If someone had asked this question only a couple of decades ago the answer would have been drastically different. However, anyone who isn’t living under a rock can vouch for the fact that the internet, along with social media, has changed the way we handle businesses. So, with digital marketing taking a lead in building and promoting your brand it is crucial to understand the impact your online presence can have on the success of your business.

Having an up-to-date website and social media presence that conveys what your brand is all about is a must. It is essential to prevent your target audience from getting the wrong impression. You need to ensure that whoever googles you is left with a lasting impression of your brand. Your brand recall value will soar only when your first impression is one that pops right off the screen. This will translate into legitimizing your business and help in converting clients from the very start.

Some Tips and Tricks to get the job done.
The endgame for every brand is to ensure that all potential customers surfing through their online presence are converted. To achieve this, we have some tips and tricks that have been tried and tested to give maximum results.

The website that increases Brand Recall Value

Your online presence can be seen as an extension of your company’s personality and vibe. As such your brand’s motto and values should jump off the screen immediately. Your client needs to know exactly what you do, why you’re the best, and how your solutions can ease their problems.

Your client should see confidence and credibility ooze out of your website. Keeping your products/services at the forefront is a smart move. Ensuring that your products/services are noticed will help entice your potential customers. Your aim should be to make your potential client’s online research journey seamless and easy.

Social Media Presence

Just like how your website is an extension of your company’s personality, and so are your social media profiles. It is very important that your social media profiles mirror your website and brand image. Your website is a platform that is a buffet of information that a client needs to make an informed decision. However, your social media profiles are platforms where you can engage potential customers and interact with existing clients.

Social media profiles give you a more relaxed platform to understand your target audience. It also gives your potential clients a place to see your brand in a more personal manner. However, having a successful social media presence is much more than just posting regularly. To ensure that you have a steady increase in followers you need to be consistent in the portrayal of your brand image.

Customer Reviews

One thing that can push your online presence is customer service and satisfaction. Just having a good brand and excellent services is not going to lock in a good first impression. How will a new customer know if what you say on your website is legitimist and useful? To garner more trust from your target audience you need to ensure that they have proof that your words play out in your actions.

Customer reviews, ratings, and recommendations are what can help you build another level of trust. These social proofs should be present throughout your online presence. That means your website should have a dedicated section that talks about customer satisfaction. Your social media profiles should promote customers to leave genuine reviews and comments. This will not only help your target audience understand your product/services better but also help you improve on them.

There are a lot of things that cannot be controlled but ensuring your brand has a lasting and excellent first impression is not one of those things. Even though first impressions are made in a matter of seconds it is still possible to strategically ensure that those seconds help and do not hurt you. Connecting with your target audience is the only way to garner their trust and convey your brand values.

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