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Most Popular Web Development Tools

To build functioning websites efficiently and easily, there are various tools that Web Developers can use. These tools allow them to build well-functioning websites with friendly user interfaces. Some of the widely used Web Development tools are as follows:

  • GitHub
  • Sass
  • CodePen
  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript
  • Sketch
  • JQuery
  • Sublime Text
  • Bootstrap
  • Grunt
  • Chrome DevTools
  • NPM
  • Visual Studio Code

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Web Development Technologies

To learn ‘What is Web Development?’ in-depth, you need to understand and have knowledge of the technologies used in Web Development. Below are some of the most common Web Development technologies that every Web Developer should learn to work with:

• Programming languages
• Frameworks
• Databases
• Libraries
• Servers
• Clients
• Frontend Development
• Backend Development
• Protocols
• Data formats

Web Development Frameworks

Web Development frameworks are created by Developers to make it easier to develop and work with various programming languages. These frameworks remove all the redundant and difficult tasks that are involved in the process of setting up a web page. The frameworks either do the tasks themselves or make it easier for Developers to complete those tasks.

Below are a few frameworks that Web Developers generally use:

Node.js: A JavaScript framework for server-side
Ruby on Rails: A full-stack framework developed with the help of Ruby
Ionic: A mobile framework
Django: A full-stack framework developed in Python
Bootstrap: A user interface (UI) framework to develop using CSS/HTML/JavaScript
Cordova/PhoneGap: A mobile framework used to expose native Android and iOS APIs to use while writing JavaScript
WordPress: A CMS developed on PHP
.NET: A full-stack framework developed by Microsoft
Foundation: A UI framework used to build with JavaScript/CSS/HTML
Angular.js, Backbone.js, and Ember.js: Front-end JavaScript frameworks
Drupal: A CMS framework developed using PHP

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Web Development Languages

Programming languages are used to communicate with other systems and computers and give them necessary instructions. Developers have a plethora of languages to choose from to do the same. Some of these languages are given below:

• Python
• Java
• Ruby
• JavaScript
• Go
• CoffeeScript
• Swift
• Objective-C

Among these, Java Web Development and PHP Web Development are the most frequently used when compared to the others.

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3 Layers of Web Development

The Web Development process can broadly be defined in the following three layers:

• Frontend Web Development
• Backend Web Development
• Full Stack Web Development

Frontend Web Development

This type of Web Development helps convert information and available data into a graphical user interface using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript such that users can easily interact with the provided interface. It deals with the part of the website that users can see and easily comprehend.

For instance, on your browser, you as a user see and interact with the website’s front end. It consists of all the things that you can view and experience directly, including colors, text, images, buttons, etc.

Backend Web Development

The backend part of any web page is the portion that users don’t or can’t see. It is the backbone of the website. Users cannot see it, but it is the part responsible for the functioning of the website. It allows developers to store and organize data, as well as ensures the proper working and functioning of everything available on the front end or the client side.

The backend portion interacts with the frontend part of the web page by sending and receiving data that is shown live on the website. When users enter some data, fill out forms, or purchase something, the browser sends that request to the backend (the server-side) which, in turn, sends back the data as frontend code for the web page to comprehend, interpret, and make it visible for you.

Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack development is the combined development of the front end and the back end of a web page. It includes the development of the graphics and design of the web page, along with managing the database for data organization and storage.

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Future Scope of Web Development

With technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and more rising day by day in terms of need and use, they can immensely help in the field of Web Development, thereby increasing the opportunities for Web Developers. No matter what requirements change the future holds, Web Developer Skills will always be in demand. Web Development offers some of the most secure and promising careers that you can opt for with numerous job opportunities available.

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